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Full payment is required at the time of booking. All major credit cards accepted. If you would like to add additional cards or change your payment method, please contact

Credit and debit cards used at OKI Beaching Rides are processed directly through our payment processor. We do not have access to your data as your privacy and security is our utmost concern. 

OKI Beaching Rides does maintain the ability to (re)charge or (partially) refund your card as needed through our processor as this is essential to operating business efficiently.


OKI Beaching Rides reserves the right to charge for damages up to the replacement cost for any damages incurred while items are in the possession of the renter. OKI Beaching Rides may also charge the renter up to the replacement cost for not returning OKI Beaching Rides products by the return date and time listed on their invoice. Please make sure to leave all of your rental equipment in an easy to see place so OKI Beaching Rides can easily find and pick it up at the time listed on your invoice.


I hereby declare that I understand and accept that risk that renting a bicycle or riding a

 bike has a high risk of exposure to many hazards and accidents which may lead to damage to property, physical injury, or death. I further declare that I am in good physical health and capable in participating in a physical activity of riding a bicycle.

I hereby assume all risk of physical injury or loss of life that may cause me or loss or physical damage to the properties that may be involved arising from an accident out of the bicycle I rent. I fully understand the inherent risk involved and I accept full responsibility for any and all damage or injury for which it may result into.


I hereby release, quitclaim, and forever discharge the Company, its agents, officers, representatives, and employees from any and all liability or claims of illness, injury, loss or damage to property, or death resulting from my activity in riding a bicycle leased or rented from them.

I have fully and carefully read this agreement and have been afforded the opportunity to ask for clarifications with regard to any information that is unclear to me and by which was answered to my satisfaction. I executing this agreement freely and voluntarily with full knowledge and understanding of the consequences this may incur.

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